Agencies are Traps

Learn to Sell your knowledge like a Product and put yourself on target to turn 6-figure years into 6-figure months in the next 90-days.

It’s time to reboot and Productize.

You simply need to model/steal what works.

For example, How did Clayton Johnson create a $3M/month productized SEO service?

Productizing takes time, patience, and intention.

I watched Clayton scale his tiny SEO Agency “The Hoth” from $60k/m → to over $3MM/m in 4 short years.


He focused on packaging up one productized service offer after another like buying products off Amazon.

$3MM/month is pretty cute, right?

Another turning point for me was reading the great book, “Built to Sell” by John Warlow. A fictional story about a worthless general design agency transforming into a valuable productized logo design machine eventually selling for millions. (a must-read)

We also have great examples from peers building substantial productized services like:

→ Brett Williams productized website design service “Design Joy” doing over $100k MRR

→ Greg Heilers productized link building Agency “Jolly SEO” surpassing $150k MRR

→ Russ Perry’s productized graphic design service “Design Pickle” doing over $20MM+

→ Jake Jorgovan’s productized podcast production service “Content Allies” now doing over $100k MRR

And many many more examples I will break down for you.

You see It's been done already.

Skip the potholes, and don’t reinvent the wheel.

But how does “productizing” work?


Simple: you stop trading time for money, billing by the hour, and you package up what you do with a nice little bow, offer it for a fixed price, with fixed deliverables, and within a fixed timeline.

Simple...Yes. Easy...No.

So where to start?

I've assembled a Playbook that aggregates my last 15+ years of building service businesses, productizing, and even exiting a few.

The Playbook is broken into 2 core Modules.

  1. Productizing
  2. Designed to Exit

Access the Playbook Below + I will send you a weekly strategic email to fuel your efforts in building a more profitable and valuable Agency.

Let's go!

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