Attn: B2B Agencies & Consultants

Productize & turn 6-figure years into 6-figure months


You, my fellow Agency owner, consultant, or freelancer have all the skills you need to build a high-value, profitable productized service business that cooks, cleans, and serves you dinner.

You just haven’t positioned or leveraged the right model to have your “machine” print fat stacks 💰 for you. Instead, it gives you grey hairs.

Running a b2b service business is easy if you set it up correctly.

However, most service businesses are traps that are operated by an outdated system. They rob your precious hours and trap you in a vortex of scope creep. 😲

It’s time to reboot and Productize.

Model what works.

For example, How did Clayton Johnson create a $3M/month productized SEO service?

Productizing takes time, patience, and intention.

I watched Clayton scale his tiny SEO Agency “The Hoth” from $60k/m → to $3MM/m in 4 short years.


He focused on packaging up one productized service offer after another like buying products off Amazon.

$3MM/month is pretty cute, right?

Another turning point for me was reading the great book, “Built to Sell” by John Warlow. A story about a worthless general design agency transforming into a valuable productized logo design machine eventually selling for millions. (a must-read)

We also have great examples like:

→ Brett Williams productized website design service “Design Joy” doing over $100k MRR

→ Greg Heilers productized link building Agency “Jolly SEO” surpassing $150k MRR

→ Russ Perry’s productized graphic design service “Design Pickle” doing over $20MM+

→ Jake Jorgovan’s productized podcast production service “Content Allies” now doing over $100k MRR

And many many more examples I will break down for you.

You see It's been done already.

Skip the potholes, and don’t re-invent the wheel.

But how does “productizing” work?


Simple: you stop trading time for money, billing by the hour, and you package up what you do with a nice little bow, offer it for a fixed price, with fixed deliverables, and within a fixed timeline.

How to become a great Productizer:

In my Productized Playbook, you will receive my "second brain" of “productizing” lessons I have learned over the years building, scaling, and now exiting (2) productized service businesses.

Each lesson is meant to be short, sweet, and action-packed.

Ultimately, leaving you inspired, ready to implement, and push you to optimize your service business into a more valuable productized asset that now serves you like the productized king/queen you are.

Let’s GO!