[PS #0001] Scaling an SEO link building company to $100k MRR with Greg Heilers of jollyseo.co

[PS #0001] Scaling an SEO link building company to $100k MRR with Greg Heilers of jollyseo.co

Hey Productizers! Recently I sat down with a HARO expert Greg Heilers. 

His business Jolly SEO is a great example of a niche SEO productized service that solves a very specific problem for his customers. Getting high-quality backlinks. Couple this with a risk-free performance-based offer (his customers pay nothing unless Jolly delivers a DA 50 link or above) and you now have a great irresistible offer. This is one reason why since recording this Greg has been able to scale from $30k to now over $100k MRR. Let’s dive in!!

Exclusive Interview:


3:00 The backstory and how Jolly got started Guatemala ✈️ China

3:55 Starting as a fledgling agency (for 2 years) → to productized service

7:34 Gregs broad tips to level up your SEO strategy

9:15 How Greg landed Groupon as their first customer

11:05 Launched 2nd quarter of 2019 $30k MRR as of the recording, and now at ($100k MRR)

13:00 How they are only paid on performance

16:12 Biggest takeaway and learning from building the business so far

20:40 How they got their first 10 customers

24:00 how to be honest in your marketing

24:51 If the business tripled in size what would break?

29:00 are you building a business you even want?

31:15 Gregs approach to only growing from referrals

36:50 His current LTV is around 12 months+ 

Big 3 Takeaways:

  1. Early success is not always repeatable or a given. A $5k/mon Groupon contract as their first customer didn’t happen on repeat or ever again

  2. Positioning your offer with the lowest friction possible. Jolly SEO only charges when they place a backlink. Very little customer downside. 

  3. Team building is a crucial element of scaling as their team of writers are vital for growth. See this masterclass on hiring

Business Model:

Customer: Affiliates & Agencies

Mechanism: Team of writers pitching & placing organic DA 50+ editorial backlinks specifically on HARO

Result: Do-Follow high-quality backlinks every month for your business

Pain: reaching out to publications to get them to feature your content & backlinks

Solution: done for you backlink service that is only paid on performance(placement)

Offer: 1 link deposit then $475 per backlink landed thereafter

Density of Value

Productized Density of Value.jpeg

The Idea:

The ability to provide a lot of value to a very specific audience with a very specific solution. In essence, this is what a productized service promises to accomplish. Jolly SEO does this really well which has been the fuel on the fire to their growth.

Thinking Time + Action

  • If your business tripled in size tomorrow what would break?

  • Is having a business that is 3-5X the size of what you have now even what you want?

  • How might you decrease the “friction” in the buying process to guarantee a “yes”?


  • Connect with Co-Captian Greg here & His partner Morgan here

  • Jolly SEO website

What is one takeaway you can apply in your business this week? 

Thanks for your attention. --Tyler 💡Thinking Time Chief @Productized Services

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