[PS #0005-Masterclass] Win More Business and Close More Deals in the deadly game of phone sales with Brock Schadler

[PS #0005-Masterclass] Win More Business and Close More Deals in the deadly game of phone sales with Brock Schadler

Hey Productizers!

We know that sales are the lifeblood of every productized service business, but what do you do when you don’t have any sales experience? And where do you start? How can you close more of the calls you do have?

Today, Brock Schadler will take us through the exact same process and sales script that he has been using to generate more than $10 million (and counting) in sales for one of Australia's fastest-growing digital agencies, King Kong

We are also going to learn how to develop what Brock refers to as the “Golden Sales Mindset” that will help conquer your fear and close more deals, even if you have zero experience in sales! This was actually a Masterclass Brock ran for my premium subscribers. Also, enjoy the live Q&A after his presentation + the sales script below.

Let’s get started!

Exclusive Masterclass:

Golden Timestamps:

  • 02:42 - The system that you need to set up, to never run out of leads for your business

  • 04:55 - How to conquer your fear, crush neediness, and detach from the outcome of your sale.

  • 07:30 - Brock’s $10 million sales script.

  • 08:42 - How to prepare and research before hopping on a call with a prospective client

  • 30:40 - Why we all need a sales coach, where to find them, and how much they cost.

  • 32:40 - Why you should record your sales calls and have someone review them.

  • 34:40 - Payment options to offer and when to offer them.

  • 36:58 - Best practices for finding people to work with you.

  • 40:03 - Salary vs commission: which one should you use when hiring salespeople?

  • 41:24 - How to manage your sales script during calls for maximum effect.

  • 46:16 - How to get in touch with Brock for coaching help.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Reverse engineer your dreams. Determine where you want to go, what you want to achieve, and when you want to achieve it. This way you can create your own clear steps and actions that will lead you to your success 

  2. Overthinking keeps us stuck. Find a proven sales process and start putting it into action consistently, don’t wait till everything is perfect. Just trust the process and keep working towards your goals until you have gathered sufficient data.

  3. A coach can help push you beyond your current sticking points. They show us the weaknesses we don’t see and point out the parts of our business that need improvement. A good coach will also help you avoid the mistakes that they’ve made on their journey to success.

Brocks Business Model Breakdown:

Brocks Business Model Breakdown.jpeg

Brocks Business Model Breakdown2.jpeg

Big Idea: Trust the process

Productize and Trust the process.jpeg

Trust the process. Once you’ve reverse engineered your goals and determined how many calls or emails you have to send on a daily basis, commit to getting it done every day. Easier said than done, right?  

We have trained ourselves to analyze every tiny decision and action, looking for the perfect way to get optimal results.  But it’s hard to see the big picture when you’re stuck in the daily grind, and those little adjustments may actually be doing more harm than good. Don’t overthink it!  Make the calls, stick to the plan, and trust that you are going to hit your numbers in the long term. One of the biggest mistakes I see founders make here is also not giving themselves enough time to see results. They cut campaigns, change things too frequently, and never give themselves a chance to let a script or process work. Set a number to get proper data and don’t stop until you hit that. 

Thinking Time + Action:

  • What is your monthly revenue goal and how many people do you need to speak to achieve it?

  • Looking back at your last sales call, what did you do well and what do you think can you improve and apply to your next call?

  • Do you currently have a sales coach? How does he/she help you with your current goals and process? If not, are you considering getting one in the future?


Next week, Ace Chapman of AceChapman.com will give us his greatest tips and tricks which he acquired in the last 20 years that will make sure your income-producing website gets the best shot when you put it up for sale in the market.

Till next week!



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