[PS #0008] How Brett Williams Runs a Successful Productized Design Service

[PS #0008] How Brett Williams Runs a Successful Productized Design Service

Hi Productizers,

Today, we’re fortunate to have Brett Williams as our special guest this week. Brett is the founder of Designjoy.co, a productized service that is carving out a niche for itself in the competitive design world - guaranteeing exceptional quality design, delivered at super-fast speed. While focusing on websites and apps specifically, DesignJoy strives to make modern design accessible to everyone. As of today doing $26k MRR as a one-man operation.

In this podcast, Brett shares the incredible story behind how he built Designjoy.co and continues to run the highly successful venture solo. T

Exclusive Interview:

Golden Timestamps:

  • 3:25 - The problem that Designjoy.co is looking to solve for its clients

  • 5:47 - How Brett packaged his unique skills into a productized service

  • 7:18 - The inspiration for Designjoy.co in filling a gap in web and app design

  • 10:10 - How the current landscape resulted in Designjoy.co increasing their monthly recurring revenue by 5x!

  • 14:51 - A description of Brett’s dream employee and the qualities they need to have

  • 21:34 - Unlocking Designjoy.co’s first customers and early success

  • 23:25 - How Designjoy.co reaches its clients without spending any marketing dollars 

  • 24:35 - Unusual places and platforms that Designjoy.co has found clients

  • 28:35 - Pro-tip from a designer to other designers: Pay extra attention to your website landing page

  • 29:57 - Brett’s advice on the best place to get answers, learn, and grow his business

  • 36:25 - The bottlenecks to further growth at Designjoy.co

  • 38:30 - The biggest learning in building Designjoy.co and running it as the sole employee

Key Takeaways:

  1. Figuring out your unique skill set is key. There are many ways to build a productized service, but one of the most sure-fire ways to go about it is to figure out your skills, and learn how you can package them up to deliver exceptional results.

  2. There is no ‘correct’ approach to finding your clients. Building a loyal client base does not always mean having to spend on ads or marketing. There are ways to position yourself and network with potential clients in ways that allow you to grow without having to invest in promotion.

  3. Growth takes time. And by this, I mean it means spending time on it too. The process of hiring and training a capable team takes deliberate effort and time.

Business Model Breakdown:

Design Joy Process.jpeg

Customer: Small businesses and startups

Mechanism: Affordable, high-quality UX/UI design delivered at high-speed

Result: Expertly crafted mobile apps and website designs

Pain: Good design isn’t always affordable or accessible. Most design services don’t focus on UX/UI concepts.

Solution: Unlimited, high-quality design services at an affordable price point compared to a full-time designer.

Offer: Monthly subscription models with unlimited iterations starting at $1,149.00/month

Image: The words ‘look within’ are surrounded by arrows that point inwards

The words ‘look within’ are surrounded by arrows that point inwards.jpeg

Big Idea:

The starting point of any productized service is a great skill set, followed by a great idea. The only way you can tap into this goldmine is by examining your skillset objectively. What do you do better than everyone else? What work seems easy for you, yet you find that others struggle to achieve the same quality of output? By knowing yourself and knowing what you’re exceptionally good at, you can look at building a productized service by packaging this skillset. The next challenge is to remove yourself and build a team.

Thinking Time + Action:

  • Reflect on your journey in building a productized service. What are the unique skills that you possess that have brought you to this point?

  • Are there skills that have not yet been tapped into when looking to build your business? What are some personal or professional strengths that you may have overlooked?

  • What would you do if you couldn’t spend a dime on marketing or promotion? Where would you find your ideal clients? 


I hope this podcast gave you the chance to learn something unconventional, gain new insight, and perhaps get some inspiration in your own personal journey to building a productized service. 

Next week, I’ll be joined by Clayton Johnson, the CMO of The HOTH - one of the world’s most innovative SEO and content agencies, to talk about the importance of building systems to support your business growth. 

Until then!



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