[PS #0009] Building a $2.5M/month Business in the Competitive World of SEO with Clayton Johnson, CMO at The HOTH

[PS #0009] Building a $2.5M/month Business in the Competitive World of SEO with Clayton Johnson, CMO at The HOTH

I’m really excited to introduce today’s guest - Clayton Johnson. He’s the Chief Marketing Officer of The HOTH, a systems genius, and a personal friend of mine. It has been incredible to witness The HOTH’s success, and the investment that Clayton has made in getting the company to where it is today.

The HOTH - which, by the way, stands for ‘Hittem Over the Head’, meaning to go above and beyond in getting things done, is a complete package of products and solutions for all things SEO and online marketing.

Find out what sets The HOTH apart in the competitive world of SEO, and how a systems mindset can help build an exceptional, scalable productized service.

Let’s dive in!

Exclusive Interview:

Golden Timestamps:

  • 3:23 - The one trait you need to have as an entrepreneur

  • 5:56 - How The HOTH went from a one-product service with just a post and a PayPal link to a multimillion-dollar business

  • 10:10 - The need for systems was discovered while Clayton worked in a T-shirt printing shop

  • 12:15 - The game-changer step to taking your business to the next level (Founders - this one's for you!)

  • 15:00 - Growing The HOTH’s revenue from 100k to 2 million in 5 years

  • 18:55 - Why you need to think beyond your one service or product

  • 32:05 - The sweet spot in choosing your margins for your productized service

  • 37:00 - Finding the best product-market fit to land your first few clients

  • 39:22 - For successful marketing, you need a systems mindset and approach

  • 43:05 - Why marketing is your growth engine in building a large, sustainable business 

  • 48:06 - Building assets that are your marketing soldiers (must listen!)

  • 58:14 - The best productivity hack: Ruthlessly eliminate all distractions!

  • 1:04:30 - The 50-50 split that will help prevent burnout as a business owner

Key Takeaways:

  1. Systems don’t need to be complicated. When you’re starting out, keep it simple and build on the basics. As your productized business grows, your processes will be able to sustain and support you to maximize your growth.

  2. There are no magic beans or shortcuts to success. If you want to see sustainable growth, focus on the ‘boring’ stuff: Build an email list, focus on growing your email subscriber base, and sending them great content.

  3. Think beyond the one productized service and study the needs of your client base, you’re likely to find a few other products that will deliver more value to them. Think BIG.

Business Model Breakdown:

Business Model Breakdown.jpeg

Customer: Agencies, in-house SEO, and affiliates

Mechanism: An expertly crafted suite of 15+ products for white label SEO services

Result: Scalable, white-label marketing that produces big results


CPSO the hoth.jpeg

Pain: Good quality SEO can be expensive and hard to find

Solution: Increase traffic with tailored search engine marketing products

Offer: We help businesses grow with SEO, Content Marketing, & PPC

Success starts with the BIG ROCKS:

Success starts with the BIG ROCKS.jpeg

Big Idea:

Build your success on a foundation that can support growth - BIG growth. It’s always easier to put processes in place from the ground-up. It doesn’t take a systems wizard to do it, it takes being meticulous, deliberate, and putting in the hours to do the mundane work. If you aren’t cut out to do the grunt work - hire someone who can! This is vital stuff.

Thinking Time + Action:

  • If you are currently working at building a single productized service - have you considered the needs of your existing customer base and how you could address some of those needs with additional products?

  • What are the biggest roadblocks to your personal productivity? What are some ways you can ruthlessly eliminate distractions from your life in order to be more productive? 

  • The ‘hustle’ mindset is often glorified among CEOs, and while there’s nothing wrong with it, what checks and balances are you deliberately placing in your business to prevent you from burn-out?


Next week, we’ve got an exclusive session lined up. Jake Jorgovan, a serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and business advocate, will be giving us an insider’s peek into his masterclass. Jake will be presenting his most successful hiring practices, ways to hire the right people for your team, and why your onboarding process is so crucial.



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