[PS #0010] How to hire your next A-player with Jake Jorgovan

[PS #0010] How to hire your next A-player with Jake Jorgovan

Hi Productizers, 

Today, we have Jake Jorgovan, serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and business advisor, talking to us about the one subject every single person looking to run a productized service NEEDS to hear: How to succeed in your next hire and bring on a-players in your business

Jake is also the founder of Lead Cookie and Content Allies, and runs both companies with minimum involvement - a testament to his excellent processes, both hiring and otherwise. Through these companies, he has generated $40M+ in sales for his customers.

Today, he shares with us the secret to turning every hire into a success. This was a special Masterclass presentation that goes deep into hiring strategies. Grab your notepad and let’s build some leverage in your service business. Tyler

Exclusive Masterclass:

Golden Timestamps:

  • 7:44 - The top hiring mistakes that people make

  • 9:14 - Find out why hiring someone for sales can sometimes be a mistake

  • 10:25 - How to find out who you need to hire

  • 13:50 - Someone else will love the work that you hate

  • 27:45 - How to set up a new hire for success

  • 29:00 - Breaking down the four phases of success for a new hire

  • 32:00 - When someone fails to deliver, look at the manager (AKA - you!)

  • 36:00 - The phases of leadership that people usually hire for

  • 41:09 - How to determine pay for contract and full-time hires

  • 46:04 - Should you work with contractors or full-time resources?

  • 49:04 - What you can do as a founder if you don’t have the time to interview people

  • 58:55 - When is the right time to make your first hire

Key Takeaways:

  1. Pay attention to where you are becoming a bottleneck to your own business. Entrepreneurs are best used when they’re doing the work that nobody else can, so look out for moments where you may be limiting the growth or sustainability of your company.

  2. Set your new hire up for success. It’s important to be clear about expectations, consistent with constructive feedback, and chart out what success looks like for your new hire’s first quarter.

  3. Ensure that you carve out a very specific role for a new hire. Don’t expect them to be a version of you, instead, map out the tasks they need to do, and the skills they need to succeed. This will reduce the likelihood of frustration for both you, and the new hire.

Lead Cookie Business Model Breakdown:

Lead Cookie Business Model Breakdown.jpeg

Customer: Small B2B businesses

Mechanism: Outbound LinkedIn efforts by optimizing, engaging, and converting leads

Result: Generate qualified sales meetings


Lead Cookie Business Model Breakdown2.jpeg

Pain: Not enough leads and prospects

Solution: End-to-end services for high-quality lead generation on Linkedin

Offer: Generate up to 20 qualified leads per month with a risk-free trial and money-back guarantee starting at $997/month

Don’t be your own bottleneck:

Lead Cookie Business Model Breakdown3.jpeg

Big Idea: While it can be tempting to do everything simply because you think of everything that needs to be done first, don’t be your own bottleneck. Always ask yourself, “What else can I get off my plate?” I have found that the more I do, the less I can do. So focus your efforts on doing the stuff that nobody else can. It will be better for your employees, and better for you!

Thinking Time + Action:

  • What are some hiring mistakes that you’ve made, or that you think your managers have made? Can you identify with any of the reasons that Jake listed out? Come up with a few points that you can definitely put into practice for your next hire.

  • How do you rate yourself from 1-5 (5 being highest) as a manager? Which aspects of the role do you find the most challenging? List out some of Jake’s ideas that may help you do better when managing a team.

  • What are the aspects of your work that you find most energizing or fascinating? And which aspects of your work are the most boring? List out the next three roles that you would like to hire for, maybe even chalk out a rough description of the tasks.

  • Part of hiring & training is taking 100% responsibility for how it goes. If a hire doesn’t work out, or a new team member misses the mark, it’s 100% on you. When you can have that level of accountability real changes start to happen.


I hope this discussion has helped you rethink some of your hiring strategies and make some improvements to set you up for your greatest success in running your business.

Next week, we’ll be hosting Andrew Davison, Founder of Luhhu - a productized service that helps businesses save time and money by automating repetitive processes using tools like Zapier. Andrew and I will discuss ways you can streamline and automate your workflows so you can do more, for less.

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