Building an Agency asset
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Building an Agency asset

Without sacrificing your sanity…

Today, I wanted to talk about a good friend of mine, Brian Casel.  

Since 2015, Brian has been building his business, AudienceOps

It was a DFY content writing agency and the best thing about it? It was a productized agency.

Meaning, Brian structured it so he was working on the business, instead of in it - allowing him to have the time freedom, while still earning a healthy income to work on cool software projects.

This resulted in allowing him to build an asset someone wanted to purchase…

And because of this, last month, he sold AudienceOps for a considerable sum (We’re talking the high six figures…)

I wanted to bring this story up because it just goes to show the value of building an asset.

And it really made me think about the common obstacles that I see the majority of agency owners run into on a regular basis.

If you’re in these circles you’ve most likely come to realize that agencies are super hard to scale, and when you do try and scale - you run the risk of being the stereotypical burnt-out entrepreneur.

You inevitably reach a bottleneck of the number of clients you can take on… The available time/hours dilemma

And let’s be honest,

We didn’t start out to be working every hour of the day serving our customers, feeling stressed out, neglecting our loved ones, and ruining my body to make the business run…

This is something I experienced.

So, how do we detach our time from our income and avoid the dreaded burnt-out Agency owner, and actually build an asset you can sell as Brian did.

To achieve this, you need to... *Drum roll please*

Productize your Agency 💡

“What does that even mean?” I can hear you saying…

Allow me to explain,

If you dream about those sweet 6 figure months, more freedom, and a lifestyle that any of your friends would jump at the chance of having, productizing your agency is the sure-fire way to achieve this.

Very simply, when you productize something, you are:

👉 Setting clear deliverables for your service. I.e what the client is going to receive and when.
👉 A clear and proven step-by-step guide on how this service will be delivered.
👉 Agreeing on a fixed price for the deliverables.

In a sense, it’s packaged, sold, and delivered just like a physical product.

And the benefits of structuring your agency like this are endless. If done correctly, so many soul-destroying bottlenecks are removed seamlessly.  

I cringe to see agency owners still charging by the hour or offering custom projects over and over again. And that’s why I love what I do - showing agency owners there’s a more enjoyable, profitable alternative.

If you run an agency, productizing your services is the quickest path to detaching your time from your income.

And taking you from 6 figure years to 6 figure months.

That’s all for today,

Speak soon,


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