Do you run DFY services?
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Do you run DFY services?

The chances are - if you’re a service business owner - you will be running some sort of Done For You 1:1 service offerings.

It’s pretty standard, that’s how most start off in the agency space. You become specialized in a specific skill, and then you sell that skill to your customers.

As we all know, there’s a limit to how many customers you can take on which means revenue is capped at a certain point. Thus the downside of selling a 1:1 service.

You only have so many working hours.

So, if you want to run a lean and highly profitable productized service you have to disconnect yourself from the "mechanism" of what you offer.  

Creating leverage through your productized service with things like eBooks, digital products and guides will no doubt increase the predictability, happiness, and value of your business.

These things allow you to transition from one-time invoices to recurring more stable revenue.

And when you’re productizing your services - you have the ability to build an asset and remove yourself from the day-to-day operations… (if you desire)

Two tactics that I’ve used that has helped me increase transaction frequency are:

👉L1:1: Look to build more of what I call "leveraged 1:1" services. This means your core "mechanism" of your service business that is delivered to your customers just isn't done by you but by your team. Thus "leveraged".

👉 Consistently make new offers: Fill out your value ladder. A prime example of a business that’s done this amazingly is my friend Clayton of The Hoth. They’re a productized service in the SEO space.

And are currently bringing in $3 million in revenue per month because they’re constantly making new offers to their customers. Something you could definitely implement into your business over time.

The key is to create offers that over time fill your value ladder and what I call the 3L's of leverage.

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