Welcome to Productized.Services, where we work with Agencies, Consultants, and Freelancers who are looking to scale and productize their service businesses past 6-figures per month and beyond.

Who am I?

My name’s Tyler, originally born in the mountains of Colorado. I spent my early years head deep running and helping my family with more traditional service-based businesses in the Property Management, Vacation Rental, and Real Estate space.

With a love of travel, I’ve transitioned my skills online to work with digital service businesses. This allowed me to move around more freely to countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Chile.

In the last few years alone, I’ve had the grand opportunities to acquire businesses, exit two businesses (Content Pros & Applause Lab), and have mentored hundreds of Agency owners, Consultants, and Freelancers looking to productize and scale their service businesses.

Currently, I share my thoughts here ( and on my Podcast where I interview service business owners who are on the productized journey.

On the lighter and fun side of life, I travel a lot, with home bases in Medellin, Colombia, Mexico, and Colorado. I’m also into Latin culture and salsa dancing. Whoosh! I even speak fluent Spanish.

Our Core Mission:

To help 1,000 service businesses scale to 6-figures per month and beyond. Could you be one of them? Learn more here:

Questions for Media Interviews:

  • What does productizing actually mean?
  • Who can actually productize their services?
    Is exiting and selling my service business actually achievable?
  • What is the advantage of thinking like a SaaS and eCommerce business?
  • How important are customer onboarding, priming, and expectation setting?
  • What is the Productized Focus Wheel?
  • How has traveling helped you build and run your service business?
  • What is asynchronous team management?

Key Takeaways:

  • How productizing can help you scale your business while working less
    My go-to growth hack for long term compounding success
  • How my productized focus wheel can help you stay laser-focused during even the most distracting times
  • A roadmap for hiring
  • The power of “Thinking Time”
  • Understanding the Upsides and downsides of the Productized Model
  • How to properly price and own your financial optics in your business
  • The most important things to focus on that will impact the value of your business

Say What?

Instead of blowing our own trumpet, we thought it best to let some amazing people do it.

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Our Ideal Customer Base:

We are currently looking to partner with content creators, brands, and products that serve digital online service-based businesses. Our bread and butter is working with Agencies, Consultants, and Freelancers that are already around 6-figures per year and are looking to scale their business past 6-figures per month.

Connect with me:

Tyler Gillespie

“Thinking Time Chief”

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