Avoid the traps of scaling your service business alone

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The Problem:

The problem really is trying to scale yourself, Truly defining the gap between where you want to go, and understanding how to overcome the obstacles on the journey.

You see all “client service” businesses - Agencies, consulting firms, freelancers - eventually become traps as they grow.

If your goal is to build something bigger than yourself and remove the scale, income, and growth “ceilings” then you will need to go against the grain from how traditional service businesses operate.

Let me know if you can relate to the following:

The Result:

You work more, yet aren’t making more. Hours go up but income doesn’t match or exceed that time investment.

You also are spending valuable time NOT building an asset that is more valuable today than yesterday.

This is what I want to help you overcome.

Meet Tyler:

I’ve literally been right where you are.

There really hasn’t been an obstacle I haven’t come across when it comes to productizing a service business. You name it….I have had to overcome it.

From hitting time, revenue, and growth constraints to doing everything on my own to building everyone else’s businesses only to neglect my own. I found myself like many working "in" my business, and not "on" it for far too many years.

Throughout all those challenges I learned, adjusted, and built new systems, playbooks, frameworks, processes, and brought on mentors to ensure I didn’t touch the “hot stove” twice.

You see you're not the first person to Productize their service business.

So why reinvent the wheel?

Why not leverage a second pair of eyes to see the unknown and learn from someone who has done it already. I personally want to share with you what I have learned builder and selling two successful productized service businesses.

"You can't read the label while you're inside the jar" - My mentor, Keith Cunningham

Let’s avoid as many potholes on the journey to your dream service business as possible. I’m eager to share what I know with you.

  • 15+ years building service businesses
  • Helped 100’s of agencies, consultants and freelance businesses productize
  • My days are made up of selling, buying, and investing in productized services

My core goal is to help “save” struggling service businesses that have latched on to an old painful way of operating. I want to embrace the “anti-agency” movement.

This is why I started Productized Mentor. A fun, flexible, and new way of consulting that may I dare say is…..” productized” and built to better serve you during the building phase of productizing your service(s) past 6-figures per month and beyond. 🚀

This is something I wish I had years ago before selling my previous two companies.

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The Solution:

I have designed my mentorship program around 4 key pillars that not only bring insights into building something scalable but also help focus on the right things at the right time.

This helps provide a foundation to work from.

  • Rethink
    Spend valuable time “Thinking” and “Designing” in your business to avoid scaling the wrong business model or something you don’t enjoy.

  • Enhance
    Enhance and optimize your business processes to move it towards being the well-oiled machine that it was originally meant to be. Without this, your business will never be able to run without you.

  • Profit
    Know your numbers and fix your margins then Implement with confidence the Profit First system into your business to finally have financial clarity to scale.

  • Surge
    Learn to leverage my OPA framework and then scale with our 8 step growth framework that will have you rethinking how you look at sales & marketing.

Enter The Productized Mentor Experience:

Traditional consulting and coaching is broken and inefficient. Most require long-term contracts with limited access and set recurring calls that don't best serve you as issues arise.

I'm here to fix that.

With Productized Mentor you will receive 1:1 unlimited asynchronous mentorship with me to help you build a scalable productized service business.

All the right ingredients with none of the waste that typically comes with expensive long-term commitment “coaching” programs.

My #1 goal? To help provide you with new perspectives, ideas, and bring a new set of eyes to help you see what you can’t.

All aimed to shorten your trajectory towards your most ambitious goals while building a more valuable business you could actually sell one day (if you want).

How it works and all fits together:

Simply post a message in our private dashboard anytime you have a question, issue, thought, and I will respond back with a detailed video response every Monday & Thursday.

Additionally, you will be able to network with other members, and get access to my entire library archive of playbooks.

Simple, transparent Investment.

Productized Advisor

Quarterly strategy calls to help you grow & scale your service business

  • 4 Quarterly strategy & accountability calls
  • 60-90-min each

Productized Mentor

Your second pair of eyes to focus & destroy roadblocks as you build

$2,000/month (*w/quartely commitment)
  • 90-min Evaluation & Strategy Kick-off Call
  • 1:1 Weekly Unlimited Asynchronous access
  • Bi-weekly 30-min Accountability & Progress Calls
  • Access to Productized Playbook Course & Resource Library

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