Productized OS™ Onboarding

Please review the 7-steps below, and book your kick-off call.

Getting Started

With all new customers we start things off with a 90-min+/- “kick-off” call. On this call we will cover:

✅ Refine your Goals, clarity the Gaps, and define the Obstacles
✅ Review your business model
✅ Outline clear paths to more leverage for your business
✅ A Financial “under the hood” audit
✅ Strategic Sales & Growth ideas you can run with
✅ + Provide a current valuation of your business if you were to sell today to benchmark our “starting line”.

1: Book Kick-Off Call

2: Call Preparation

Before the call please prepare and bring the following to maximize our time together.

  • Goals.
    An outline of your goals for the business for the next 12 months. Break them down into the next 90 days + 1-year stretch goals from today. A rough outline is fine as we will fine tune.

  • Financial Overview.
    I don’t expect a full P&L but the more financial information you can bring the better to get a snapshot of where you’re currently in relation to your goals.

  • Breakout these KPIs as well:
    New sales per month
    Gross Margin %
    CAC, LTV, and Churn rate.

  • Wins.
    What is going well in your business right now that excites you? (wins)

  • Struggles.
    What areas are not going well that you need the most help? (struggles)

This call will allow us to discover the lowest hanging fruit and highest leverage action items to focus on during our first 90-day sprint.

After the call my goal will be to outline a road map with 2-3 core focus items to complete within our first 90-day sprint.

**Note: All of our conversations and information shared is 100% confidential and private always. The call will be recorded for your records + reference after.

3: Communication

After our kick-off call, all our communication will take place within our private asynchronous thread.

This helps not only create a central hub, but also an encrypted, safe, and searchable place for all our conversations.

If you have a business partner we can all communicate in one thread easily.

The goal is to leverage this private thread to post messages, share updates, and ask for feedback as you build. This is typically very dynamic as you need help.

As an OS member, you will also have access to my "Batline" where you can book a 15-min call anytime when issues arise. I'm available anytime to help.

Ensure you try and post one question per thread as this helps keep things organized, searchable and allows me to provide more concise feedback.

You will get an invite shortly to your private thread which will look like something like this:

4: Asynchronous Communication

You will have the ability to message me anytime, and as much as you want. There is literally no limit here.

For this to work as effectively, and as efficiently as possible all my answers, and responses will be batched to every Wednesday. For example, if you send me messages on Tuesday regarding something you need help with I would respond back to you on that upcoming Wednesday.

With that said, you may need more help at certain points of the week or month than others. I’m here to help as you need so it is completely ok (and common) for time to pass where you may not need any specific help that week.

The beauty of this setup is I’m here as questions arise when you need it most. As well, it gives me space and time to respond with intention and quality. As well, gives you space and time to process and ask the best questions possible.

Think of me as a “Mentor in your pocket”.

I will also occasionally follow up with you each Thursday to check-in if there has been any lag in our messages together. This helps keep a pulse in case things get busy on your end.

5: The Productized OS™ Content

Once we have successfully completed your kick-off call you will start receiving the course content. There will be 18 lessons delivered over the next 90 days. It will be delivered every 5 days and will arrive right in your email inbox with a link to a private video lesson.

This cadence we have found works well for busy founders to space out the content in a more digestable way.

6: Tracking & Reporting

During our kick-off call, we will establish our baseline starting point in relation to where you want to go.

Moving forward on the first Thursday of each month we will have a 1:1 accountability call to go over progress, tackle pending issues, and plan for the next month.

7: My Role

As an outside mentor/advisor my number one goal is to help you build a more valuable and sellable service business asset. As well, I want to uncover and help you see the unseen while asking better questions.

To get the most out of this mentorship I need you to share updates, problems, concerns, and wins as often as possible. My most successful members hit that compose "message" a lot in our private thread.

In some cases, we may have a focused outcome we are optimizing for and I’m helping with. Other times I may be giving advice on issues that will undoubtedly arise on the journey.

With that said please be conscious of our time together. Avoid sending any messages that a help/support desk could answer and always try to accompany any and all questions with at least one solution/idea of your own.

This helps us make progress even faster and gets your “thinking time” muscles ready to dive into solving the focused problems on deck.