[PS #0007] Productized Monthly: Amazing Sales Deck, the Competition Problem, Ideas, and AMA


Hey Productizers! 

This is a new format I'm trying out that I think will be interesting, insightful, and fun. On the last Friday of every month, I will pull together an Issue called “Productized Monthly”, where I can share with you what I've learned, read, and seen that will fuel your journey of building a valuable productized service business. 

My goal is to keep the noise vs signal ratio low so please give me feedback on what you like, dislike, and or want to see more of.


My Radar:

  • Don’t forget the Importance of Onboarding customers. ManyRequests launched new “onboarding screens” to make this process easier for service businesses to onboard new customers. I love this! See where you can get a second pair of eyes on your onboarding process to optimize this area of your business. 

  • White labeling services or “Drop servicing” is something to keep an eye on as popularity picks up, and the competitive landscape of dropshipping pushes more marketers into services. Use this model for launching/testing new offers as well. This will bring more competition to low barrier to entry services but value & quality will rise to the top. 

  • Daily Content Machine founder Sean McCabe crushes his sales deck for his new PS. See what it looks like, and take notes from this demo here. Combine a deck like this with Brocks sales script, and you will have a dangerous sales process. 

  • Avocado Audio lets you create and sell audio courses online. Soundwise lets you create and sell audio assets. Could be interesting to build a PS on top of these tools, and or could be an interesting way to share your PS superpowers as a free lead magnet or paid offer. For example, Seth Godin’s free “Startup School” series launched in 2013 is a lead driving asset. 

Notable Reads & Listens: 

Community Highlights:

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Visual of the month: Competition vs Collaboration

How might you collaborate more with others who may be considered competitors? 

At its core the underlying issue for most who fight this is a lack of abundance and even a scarcity mindset. All markets are bigger than we can imagine. There is enough for all of us to build multi-million dollar businesses. If you believe this to be true then your collaboration opportunities multiply, and your ability to create new partnerships, joint ventures and relationships skyrocket.

How might you work harder to help everyone build taller buildings rather than tear others down?

Challenge yourself here to think more abundantly going into February. 

Productized Ideastorming:

  1. Sales Decks: Create done-for-you sales deck presentations to close more deals, improve sales processes, and set better expectations. (Inspired by Daily Content Machines deck above). 

  1. Daily Partnership reach outs: Create custom partnership pitch emails that your customers can send every day to cultivate more partnership opportunities.

  1. Capture & Create: Leverage content your customers already have created and repurpose it in unique ways. The repurposing trend is growing and very effective.


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Jesse of copywritingcrew.com asks: I'd like to find out how you go about finding your "dream 100" clients. Assuming I've already created the avatar, what do you practically do next to find them and collect their contact info?

Dream 100 Explination from Russell Brunson, Hunter, Apollo

Jonathan of spotlightpodcasting.com: What are some good ways of systemizing and designing a great customer experience for a one-off service that's been carried out relatively ad-hoc up until now? (I've found that systematizing recurring services is much easier than the one-off). Sorry if that question is a little vague, feel free to ask questions for more clarification if necessary.

Productized Day Talk, Never Lose a Customer Again Book

Kris of webinargrow.com I'd love to hear your thoughts on managing remote support staff.
- Day-to-day tasks--> How granular do you need to be?
- Setting daily/weekly goals vs logging hours
- Onboarding best practices

As long as they're working 80% of the time and hitting their numbers, I don't really care what they do. I don't want to micromanage anyone. - Thanks!

Sean of avontage.com- The question/challenge I’m working on this morning is how to templatize (new word) the concept of Productized Services for our members. As new members sign up on our platform, there’s a huge drop during the onboarding process when they get to creating their Productized Services, what we call Offers- they complete everything except posting their offers- which is stemmed from the fact they can’t think of anything- or how to turn their services to products.

In short, I’m asking how to Productize/templatize Productized Services process on our platform. Any insight would be appreciated.

Ben of editcrew.co- Any tips/tricks/scripts you have regarding cold emailing/LI messaging?

[🏫 Masterclass #002] Luiz Cent of Mailshake shares everything about starting a cold email campaign

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Productized Mentor Wins: 

Last month our Productized Mentor Members booked over 📞50 new qualified sales calls and closed over 💰$66.5K in new revenue for their businesses. 

Here are some notable wins from a few members:

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