ATTENTION: Agencies, Consultants & Freelancers

“Access the Playbook To Start Turning 6-Figure Years Into 6-Figure Months While Building An Asset You Can Sell (Even If You Never Want To)!”

Does this sound like you?

You're an exhausted Agency Owner? Consultant? Or Freelancer? that has traction doing close or around 6-figures per year but can’t get past that next growth ceiling?

You dream of one day selling your business (Yes, this is more of a reality than you think) or at least building a business you could sell even if you decide not to.

Currently, you're focused on automating, “productizing”, scaling, and build more leverage in your service business, right?

So, let me ask you a question...

Would you be ecstatic if you could work less without it affecting your revenue?

What if you could watch your profits soar WITHOUT spending more time working “in” the business but rather working “on” it when you want?

Continuing to trade time for money will not scale.

Because if you could do those things, ultimately, that would mean you could remove yourself from the business. This then provides you with the optionality to keep or sell your cash flowing service business asset (if you want) down the road.

Unfortunately, I also get the sense there are some roadblocks for you here, including figuring out how to:

  • Actually Productize and package your services, and or “knowledge”
  • Finally “detach” from the trading time for money trap
  • Start working with high paying “customers” that value your work instead of needy, time-grubbing clients that are the source of too many internal fires.
  • Transition from time-based pricing to outcome based pricing

To move towards a productized model you have to learn how to extract your knowledge and package it like a product. In Lesson #2, "Productized Definition" we go over this in more depth:

Another thing...

Are you also really frustrated by the fact that everyone else seems to make more money? Have more time. And never deal with deadly feast & famine cycles that plague service businesses like yours?

Maybe you already have mastered stacking recurring revenue but have you mastered keeping it?

Does your business feel like a dozen part-time jobs?

Plus, do you constantly ask yourself these questions about how to move forward?

How do I scale my service business WITHOUT falling in the inevitable potholes I can’t yet see??

How do I create systems so my business can thrive & run without me?

How do I stop building my life around my business, flip the script, and have my business better serve me over the long-term?

One last question...

Do you ever find yourself thinking "productizing will never work for your service or in your industry"... or "my business could never function without me"... or "your service business couldn't survive without long-term, needy clients?”

I know I did!

And finally, to make matters even worse, sometimes (no matter what you do) it feels like “time-sucking clients” are actively going out of their way to sabotage your success and lifestyle.

Guess what? It’s 100% your fault. Let’s own it and fix it.

Well let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself... more than once!

When all is said and done, my guess is you really just want to scale your business, have more predictable income, cashflow, and set your business as close to autopilot as you can . So, you can finally feel in control of your life. Yes?

It starts with intention and stacking one brick at a time...

If this sounds at all like you and your situation, then I'd like to invite you to check out...

Productized Playbook™ Course

Make the next 90-days transformative, and build a more valuable service business asset.

Literally 15 years in the making.

The Productized Playbook™ Course makes it easy for you to experience true freedom as a service business owner without working 60 + hours a week or neglecting what’s important in your life in as little as 90-days. All while finally building an asset over time that investors will be fighting over to buy.

You’re gonna LOVE this! Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get inside:

  • The real secret to successfully productizing your business with 8+ examples and access to my entire searchable productized service database of 150+ PS you can model and steal from..

  • A fresh, new approach on “scaling” your business without needing to build an audience.

  • How to work less by creating time constraints and how I structure and manage teams asynchronously.

  • Exactly what you need to do to maximize the highest value areas of your service business to drive real long term exponential value.

  • The absolute best way to stop wasting time and ensure you’re working "on" the business. And reap the benefits, TODAY.

  • My trick for slowly removing yourself from the business to focus on the highest leverage chess moves that you actually enjoy doing the most.

  • How you can position your business in a way that it is so valuable investors are begging to buy it.

  • Stop working 60 hours a week and neglecting your loved ones, NOW!

  • How to “rewrite the rules” and run your business how and whenever you want! It’s all about intentional“Designing” and “Thinking Time”.

  • Understand exactly how to disconnect trading time for money now... not later!

  • Easily work with high value “customers” instead of needy clients, even if you're starting from scratch.

  • Easily answer the question "How do I actually scale & position my service-based business?" once and for all.

  • Reveals the answer everyone wants to know around “How to create six-figure a month systems so you can spend more time away from the business”

  • Unique insights from not only my experience but over 20+ guest experts.

  • Get past the idea that business owners have to work 14 hours days to run a successful service business, once and forever. Let’s build some leverage.

  • Banish the notion that you have to deal with crippling feast & famine cycles in business.

  • Gives you the keys to scaling your business past six-figures per month while limiting the downsides of the journey.

  • Discover how to better sell the "end result and outcome" of your service rather than the "mechanism" .

  • The shortcuts you need to design a business you can actually sell faster than ever. (Again, even if you never want to)

  • STOP worrying about how to increase customer retention once and for all.

  • The foolproof way to scale your business that competitors don’t want you to know about.

  • Find out how easy it is for business owners just like you to have predictable income. So, you can finally get ahead and enjoy the view from the top.

  • Unlock the secrets to duplicating yourself and setting your business on autopilot. So, you can finally feel in control of your life faster and easier than you ever before.

Now, that’s a tall promise, and at this point you might be asking does this actually work?

Ready to Productize?

So Who Is Tyler And Why Should I Listen To Him?

Well before building and selling multiple Productized Service businesses I was an exhausted, unhappy, and a frustrated Freelancer, then Consultant, and then an Agency Owner for years.

I went through the entire journey.

Literally Only months away from hanging it up and calling it quits. (a few times)

My business wreaked havoc on my life and like you, I was stuck in the vicious cycle of trading time for money. Large cash influxes followed by long lows of client work.

As if things couldn’t get any worse.

My business couldn’t breathe WITHOUT me.

When I closed my laptop. I lost money & sleep.

If I took a day off, I not only wasn’t earning anything but there was always a dumpster fire!

Heaven forbid I got sick or caught the flu (which happened a few times because of the stress).

My business literally would die!

I thought I started a business but instead.

I was “TRAPPED” in a never-ending job! It was a nightmare!

It wasn’t until I built new systems, playbooks, frameworks, processes, and brought on strategic mentors. I then finally had a business that worked for me. Instead of being a slave to the business, it started to serve me more and more each day.

One catalyst that finally did it for me was John Warlows book, “Built to Sell”. (it only took 3 times reading it for it to actually sink in).

That knowledge and experience from too much trial and error eventually allowed me to build and sell Content Pros. Then shortly after, build and sell Applause Lab.

I’ve now had the pleasure of working with 100’s of agencies, consultants, and freelancers to help them to productize their service businesses. (And take their lives back, for good!)

It took consulting the last 2 years to actually force me to put my processes, lessons and frameworks into digestible and actionable lessons that others could run with.

You could say this is my version of “Productizing” my knowledge.

I have literally taken everything I have learned and packaged it into this course. 3 Playbooks, 12 lessons, and over 10+ hours of content to help you build a successful productized service business that scales, is valuable, and sellable.

One other key element I wanted to bring into this course was the power of a "Second Pair of Eyes". The power of mentors and just getting different perspectives from a variety of experts can really be powerful. In total I interviewed and collaborated with 22+ experts in the spaces of productizing, operations, sales, growth and selling businesses. On top of my perspective and knowledge you will also hear from:

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With Productized Playbook™ Course

Let's look under the hood into each lesson 😃

#1 | Overview & Success Path (17:58)

The success path, key lessons, my journey, and my second pair of eyes.

#2 | Productized Definition (12:17)

Productized experts, and the Ingredients of a successful Productized Service.

#3 | Fighting Less Fires 🔥 (35:16)

Avoid the most common potholes, understand the gap of where you need to go, and learn how to steal from the best business models in the world.

#4 | Asset Building (30:59)

Learn the Productized Asset building mindset, and my thinking time process for making strategic chess moves

#5 | Upsides & Downsides (24:30)

The biggest Upsides, Downsides, and challenging the Productized haters

#6 | 10 PS Business Models (28.07)

Use Cases, Business Model breakdowns, and how to apply them.

#7 | Productized Foundations (1:38:58)

Productized Discovery, Focus Wheel, Funnel 101, and my 3L's process to leverage.

#8 | Positioning & Profits (57:19)

Positioning strategies, examples, pricing, margins, and two frameworks to help you sell more.

#9 | Smooth Operator (1:00:28)

Onboarding, Thinking in Processes, power of forms, and my BCF framework.

Simple, transparent Investment

Productized Playbook™ Course

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  • 20+ Guest Experts with over 70 clips of wisdom weaved into course
  • Special Interviews, Resources & Templates
  • 30-min Review 1:1 Call (upon completion of course) ($250 Value)
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Ready to Productize?