Smart move.

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Productizing a service business is simple in theory. But harder in practice.

Master chef Gordan Ramsey is famous for turning around failing restaurants by first simply cutting down their menu and ensuring there is a productized system in place. Most restaurants fail because they try to sell everything.

I've personally spent the last 2 years looking 👀 under the hood of over 100+ service businesses.

I saw things I can’t unsee.

I learned a lot.

Now I want to pass on all that collective wisdom so you can build something great with more confidence.


I wasn’t a great operator when I launched my first few service businesses 15 years ago. But I slowly learned not to touch the hot stove twice.

  • I learned the power of packaging.
  • Selling outcomes.
  • Building more leverage.

I learned how important a second pair of eyes can be to jump into the Fastlane of business.

Here are a few people who helped make this Playbook amazing.

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The Productized Playbook is now your Second Pair of eyes.

A quick look inside the Playbook:

We’ll go in-depth on the following concepts:

  • Asset Building Mindset
  • Power of Thinking Time
  • What is a Productized Service?
  • How to steal from other successful business models
  • The checklist of exactly what you need to implement to build an asset investors want to buy
  • The rarely discussed downsides of productizing and how to avoid them
  • 10 Productized business model structures to leverage
  • My 3L’s framework to think differently about positioning

And much more...

At the end of the challenge, you'll know the recipe for productizing any service business.

Productized Playbook

Transform your service business into a more sellable and valuable asset

  • 15 self-paced Strategic Lessons
  • Over 20 guest experts with more than 70 video clips of wisdom
  • 5+ hours of content
  • Productized Service Database
  • Templates & Resources
  • 10+ Bonus Interviews
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