The Post Mortem Tactic…
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The Post Mortem Tactic…

Have you ever experienced a customer leaving? If you’re a service business owner, there’s a 99.9% chance you have.

And let’s be honest, it’s never a nice feeling - but, when it does occur, it's the perfect opportunity to grow and develop your business.

Something that I’ve refined and implemented over the years is a tactic I like to call the ‘Productized Post Mortem’.

Sounds pretty morbid, I know (I could have thought of a better name but here we are 🤣)

When you and a customer decide to go your separate ways - the chances are, it’s your fault. And even if it's not, adopting this mindset is the best approach to take.

*Taking full responsibility in all areas of your business is a must, and when implemented, it’s a liberating feeling.*

Most service business owners’ mindsets when they lose a customer is “Next!” or "More".

Many quickly switch their focus on to the next customer without taking the time to consider why the customer decided to leave.

It's not a terrible approach, but it's slightly flawed thinking, and here's why...

If you have a system that’s broken (And this is evident if you’re losing customers) - you’re repeatedly putting customers into a broken machine.

This is not sustainable. There is nothing like rowing a boat with holes in it while you slowly try to scoop water out to prevent sinking.

This is why I’m a big advocate of using an exit interview for each customer and really taking the time to understand them and their reasons for leaving.

Not doing this can put you in a position like this:

Doing this simple process will allow you to see any blind spots in your business and I guarantee it will allow you to iron out any kinks and see things from a new perspective.

A simple conversation to understand your customer's POV can be extremely eye-opening.

Remember: Adding new customers is important. But true sustainability is keeping them.

That’s all for today.

Speak soon,

Tyler 👋

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