Transforming your service business without spending a penny…
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Transforming your service business without spending a penny…

I know you must be racking your brains on what this strategy might be that could transform your service business for free…

And thinking “That's a pretty big claim!”

What if I told you that this strategy that you can put in place today could:

  • Increase the number of customers you get WITHOUT spending money on paid ads
  • No longer have to worry about cold emailing, Linkedin outreach, or any kind of manual outreach methods.
  • Hands down the easiest and quickest way to create a positive flywheel effect in your business resulting in repeat customers that spend more and more…

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it

Well, I’m pleased to tell you it’s not

And it’s a… referral system.

Anti Climax 🤨?  Sorry  

But let me explain the power of referrals if used correctly.

For agencies, consultants, and freelancers in general - referrals are an afterthought and often left to chance. Systems are rarely built here.

What if you were to set up a systemized approach that resulted in increased demands and repeat customers?

And let me tell you this -

Keeping the customers you’ve got + acquiring new customers at the same time + referral systems = sustainable & compounding growth.

So, here are some action items:

👉 Create a subscription model: This is so powerful if you have this and at the same time, you’re leveraging referrals. Creating a subscription model somewhere in your business trumps having one-time payments every time. It creates compounding results.

👉 Utilize your existing network: How many people could your current customers introduce to you next week? How many warm sales conversations could you be having… You just need to ASK! ...The majority of people don't.

👉 One referral a day: This is a super simple one - and it’s asking for a referral a day from your customers, friends, network, etc. Make it a habit and "bake" it into your flow.

Whether this is from your online community or past and current customer base. It can be super powerful when used! Put it in your calendar and do it every day.

👉 Take a listen to this gem: 93 Extraordinary Referral Systems by Jay Abraham to spark even more ideas.

I hope this has helped - and if you’re a service business owner, stop leaving your referrals to chance and implement a proven system!

That’s all for today, speak soon.

Tyler 👋

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