The Productized Challenge

Productize, Scale, and build a more valuable Agency in the next 30-days.

📍 2012 Medellin, Colombia.

I was trapped in my agency 😢 .

I solved the location problem, had access to great coffee, but my business operations was in chaos.

There was a vortex of scope creep and endless client fires that had built up with running my agency.

Fast forward 4 years later the Agency Productized Service I had was thriving, I was working just 1hr per month, and my partner and I had just successfully sold it to a private buyer. 🥳 

So what changed in just a few short years?

Here are 6 chess moves I used to get there and how you can do the same 👇️ 

1. I had to learn to FOCUS and say NO 

Insert what I call the Productized Five Ones:

→One Niche Avatar
→One Productized offer
→One Simple Funnel
→One Traffic Source
→Do this for 1 year without distractions

This changed everything for me and allowed me to allocate my energy in a streamlined way.

Simplify > Complexity

2. I changed my language. 

I decided to stop working with clients forever. Repeat after me, "I no longer work with clients. I now only work with Customers."

Clients buy your time.

Customers buy your products.

Subtle. Powerful.

3. I focused on Selling Outcomes. 

Customers want specific outcomes, not the actual process or “what” your service does.

You don’t sell writing → You sell increased SEO rankings

You don’t sell cold email → You sell meetings and sales opportunities

Mario can teach us a lot here 👇️ 

4. I Stopped Charging Hourly.  

Hourly disincentives you to work fast and removes your competitive moat.

Package your value for a fixed price.

The time it takes you is irrelevant. It took me a while to get this.

It’s the value you deliver. That is what really matters.

Image credit @visualizevalue

5. I positioned my service like a Product online as if I was selling it on Amazon.  

Make it easy for customers to buy your services just like products.

Simple. Not easy.

My Productized checklist:

✅ Fixed price
✅ Fixed scope
✅ Fixed timeline
✅ Fixed deliverables

6. I Mastered The 3 leveraged productized chess moves

♟️1:1 Leverage
♟️1:M Leverage
♟️0:M Leverage

All 3 will create an unstoppable productized business.

This is exactly what my leverage & Ladders course is all about.

If this at all resonates with you then let’s dive deeper together.

Levers & Ladders is a proven set frameworks to transform your agency into a scalable business machine that runs more without you.

Frameworks you can even save and use in any venture on your business building journey.

I’ve consulted with hundreds of agencies over the years and the issues do repeat themselves over and over again.

One could argue that even this course is a packaged and productized resource of my 10 years of agency building and consulting experiences.

Break free from the shackles of trading time for money, scope creep, and scaling people.

This on-demand training gives you the step-by-step blueprint to install three crucial frameworks into your agency.


Transition from one-off services to fully productized offerings. Learn how to leverage your time and install 3 levers to create exponential leverage in your agency.


Strategically structure your value ladder, with offers increasing in value as customers ascend. Diversify your income, strengthen your competitive moat, and uncover hidden income opportunities.


Stay laser-focused on high-impact activities. Master efficient systems for service delivery, managing finances, and technology to rapidly scale your agency.

Inside the course you'll discover:

  • The 3 productized ingredients to consistently deliver your service at scale.

  • How to "sell like Amazon" and productize your offerings for maximum leverage.

  • The compounding power of the "Productized Focus Wheel".

  • Optimizing your customer onboarding and service delivery processes.

  • Discover the “holes” in your current value ladder and fill them to create more value.

  • My proven COGS framework for profitability from day one.

  • Must-have tech stacks and tools to 10x your agency's growth.

Whether you're just starting out or already have an established agency, this course will bring substantial value to your agency.

Its brief + packs a punch.

Follow these proven frameworks to transform your agency into a well-oiled machine that runs without you.

No more trading hours for dollars or chasing clients. 

Let’s build and create your dream productized agency that better serves you!

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