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6 Strategies to Productize Your Agency or Consultancy

Packing up one's expertise is an art.  

To Productize one must first have a proven process.

A process that has been done so much you have the confidence of offering it for a fixed price. This portrays confidence most can't offer. 

Below I've outlined 6 strategies that I think will be helpful as you begin to think about productizing, and packaging your “expertise”. 

1. Focus 

Remember that simple scales and fancy fails. One of my favorite lines from Alex Hormozi.

A big part where people are led astray is the dilution of focus, resources, time, and energy.

"The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither."


How many things are you trying to tackle right now? 

How often do you say yes to everything? 

More importantly how often are you saying no?

That $0-$1MM range with a productized offering will take immense focus and effort. Can you have multiple things going on at the same time? Of course. It will just take more leverage from people, code, or systems to accomplish.

Your bandwidth and ability to delegate will be the lever here to audit within your unique situation. For most, I recommend an immense focus on one thing. 

I often point people to my Productized Focus Wheel framework. 

Clarity is achieved through simplicity. Remove the “noise” and focus your energy in a streamlined direction. 

  1. One ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

  2. One Productized Offer

  3. One Simple Funnel

  4. One Traffic Source (Typically Cold Email 📧 )

  5. Do this for One year (with horse blinders on)

2. Customers > Clients

This is a subtle but powerful mindset shift you need to implement. Some may overlook this but don’t. 


  • Clients buy your time. 

  • Customers buy your products. 

Sell products & stack customers daily. 👊 

3. Sell Outcomes 

Too many people get caught up in marketing and selling of their unique process and strategy. This is important but at the end of the day, your customers only care about the end result that you’re promising to deliver. 

Focus on that. 

You don’t sell writing ❌ ->You sell increased SEO rankings ✅

You don’t sell design ❌ ->You sell higher conversion rates ✅

You don’t sell cold emails ❌ ->You sell booked demos ✅

4. Stop charging hourly

Charging hourly actually disincentives you to work fast, efficiently, and removes your competitive moat. 

Package your value for a fixed price. The amount of time it takes you is irrelevant. It is the value you deliver that actually matters.

Again, focus on outcomes. 

(Image reference @visualizevalue)

5. Sell like Amazon

Ask yourself: "What needs to happen to ensure your services can be bought and delivered with one click online like a bestselling product on Amazon?"Here is a quick checklist when looking at your product order page: 

✔️ Fixed Price✔️ Fixed Scope✔️ Fixed Timeline✔️ Fixed Deliverables✔️ Warchest of Social Proof

6. Productized Leverage ♟️

Business is like chess. 

Here are 3 chess moves♟️ to help you install more leverage and put your competition in checkmate: 

1:1 Leverage is your first move and foundation for your business. Your core service offering should run without you and have a solid team, systems, and processes in place

1:M Leverage allows you to swoop up pieces on the chess board to build your advantage. Multiply yourself by creating guides, webinars, and group-based offers.

0:M Leverage puts your opponent's king in check. Build once, then sell infinitely. Package up your knowledge. Think Books, Code/software, training, Podcasts, and Courses. 


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