Cold Email Strategies with Luiz Cent of Mailshake

Key Timestamps:

[00:15:00] Personalization and Multichannel Outreach - Luiz discusses the importance of personalizing outreach and utilizing multiple communication channels (email, LinkedIn, phone calls) to increase engagement rates.

[00:21:00] Creating Effective Email Sequences - Insights on how to structure email sequences that include 9-11 touchpoints and the role of automation vs. personal interaction in these sequences.

[00:25:00] Testing and Optimization - Luiz emphasizes the importance of A/B testing different aspects of your email campaigns to optimize for open and reply rates.

[00:29:00] Common Mistakes to Avoid - Key mistakes to avoid in email outreach, such as failing to personalize properly and not testing email campaigns before full deployment.

[00:33:00] Leveraging Mailshake for Cold Emailing - Discussion on how Mailshake can be utilized for cold emailing strategies, including lead generation and the use of personalization to enhance response rates.


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