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It’s TG. Going to start writing again. I miss it. I hope you like the new format. Reply and lmk.

Goal? A weekly Saturday morning email balancing signal + brevity to help you package & scale your expertise.

I’ll spotlight one interesting productized service in the wild, outline a useful strategy, and leave you with a cool resource for your toolbelt.

Let’s get it.

Estimated read time: 3 minutes 45 seconds.

Spotlight: Copyshake

Meet Copyshake (run by Sky) an SEO mastermind who turned a gap in the market into a thriving business. Launched in 2022, Copyshake quickly made 120K USD, focusing on content & backlinks. With a 55K MRR, hands-on experience, and a selective approach to clients.

He references much of his initial growth from his network and past 1:1 clients.

I used to run a productized SEO content agency before selling it many years back. Interested to see how AI disrupts or enhances businesses like this.

Notes ✏️:

1. Pain

Copyshake focuses on boosting organic growth by delivering expert SEO content to improve search engine rankings.

2. Pricing 💰

Starter: $1199/month for up to 4 pieces of content ($300/each)

Growth: $2099/month for up to 8 pieces of content ($262/each)

*Slight discount when paying every 6 months

*Still need to pay for design

3. Model (Content Writing)

Copyshake operates on a subscription-based model, offering monthly or six-monthly plans for tailored content writing and optimization services, including a money-back guarantee to assure quality.

Strategy: Embrace the Spectrum of Productized Services

Don't be boxed in by the "unlimited monthly" model! Productized Services are like a dancehall- there's something for every taste.

Think outside the box:

The Time Block Tango: Sell blocks of hours with specific tasks and tools. It's like having a VIP pass to your expertise!

The Monthly Retainer Rumba: Sounds old school? It's classic for a reason! Tailor it to your market and watch it groove.

The One-Time Fixed Fee Foxtrot: A clear scope, deliverable, and process. It's the choreographed dance of efficiency.

Remember, productizing your services is an art, not just a formula. So go on, dance to your own beat, mix these models, and watch your biz grow!

Resource of the Week:

PromptStorm - a Chrome extension that provides ready-made prompts for AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude.

My Take: Prompt Storm can be a vital tool for an agency or productized service business. Utilizing ready-made prompts, it enables rapid content creation for marketing, SEO, and social media. It can also streamline product research, report generation, and customer support. A useful time-saving solution.

Keep productizing. See you next week.


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