Daily Reps

How are your service business gains 💪?

Plugging into processes and frameworks to provide structure for your efforts is incredibly valuable and helpful.

It prevents drifting and wondering.

One concept I’ve latched onto that has served me well over the years is something I call “Daily Reps.”

The core idea is to synthesize your inputs down (based on your goals) to the fewest but most impactful actions you can do daily that will produce exponential returns.

While coaching, consulting, and working with large teams, I have found a lot of commonalities in the framework below that most people can use with minimal changes.

I call it C.P.R.

It’s a fitting acronym, seeing that by doing this every day, you will literally bring your business back to life and drive compounding revenue.

C.P.R. stands for Create, Partner, and Referral.

These daily reps can drive millions to your business. I’ve used this to build and exit two productized service companies and help scale beehiiv into an 8-figure SaaS.

Here’s what I do every morning during my first 1-2 hours of deep work:

  1. Create: Work on one piece of content that I can share, sell, or use to bring value to my customers.

  2. Partner: Pitch one new partner that has access to my dream customer base to bring value to & access their audience.

  3. Referral: Ask one customer or person in my network for a referral.

I do this every day.

You’ll notice that all these actions have built-in 1:M leverage.

Keep stacking bricks 🧱 & reps 💪.



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