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Insights from Ben Poss on building a 7-figure Video Editing Productized Service

Thanks for all those who replied to my last email with your scaling pain points.

Some recurring ones to share:

  • Getting Clients Customers (Lead Generation)

  • Hiring for leverage

  • Outbound + Cold Email Systems

  • Productizing Process

All of which are vital to master as you transform your Agency into a Productized machine/asset.

More content on these soon.

Let’s dive in 👇️ 

One Story: Edit Crew

Meet Ben Poss, a video editing savant and founder of EditCrew.

I first met Ben a 3 years ago when I had my first productized consulting cohort. It is amazing to be able to witness the hard work of what he has built only a few short years later.

Very impressive.

What Problem is Edit Crew Solving? 
Edit Crew addresses the common challenges faced when hiring in-house or freelance video editors, offering flexible, high-quality editing services on a subscription basis.

Hiring is tough, especially for video. The main issue is slugging through mediocre applicants to find the talented 1%. Edit crew helps fast track this.

Outbound, SEO, Social → Book a call → Subscription

Simple. Ben talked about how having that “book a call” barrier has actually helped filter for better customers compared to a payment link directly on the website.

One thing I loved he said was, “We are also looking to qualify the customer to see if they’re a good fit for us”. - More people need to do this.

Use of AI
While AI has not yet drastically sped up video editing, Edit Crew incorporates AI tools to enhance efficiency and quality, maintaining a crucial human touch in creative projects.

It will be interesting to see how AI evolves in this space. Especially with the recent drop of OpenAI’s Sora just days ago.

Since its inception over three years ago, Edit Crew has grown impressively, boasting a low seven-figure run rate and a team of now 73+.

Fractional roles like video editors, CFOs, growth, etc will only continue to grow in demand.

Scaling the team to maintaining quality is always an issue with a people heavy service.

Pricing & Business Model
Edit Crew’s pricing starts at $1500/month. Leveraging the Unlimited model throttled by a 1-2 day turnaround time.

Tech Stack
They utilizing tools like Frame for revisions, Stripe for payments, and SPP for client & order management.

Team Structure
A mix of full-time employees and video editing contractors totaling 70+

My Take
Ben emphasizes the importance of product-market fit and adapting to changing market needs, especially in the video editing niche. I admire what he has built and the consistency to his approach. He also has a pretty dope balance of work, travel and climbing big rocks.

A good remember to play more.

I think he still needs to focus on adding more products to diversify like courses and digital products. This will add more leverage in his business and make it more valuable over the long term.

Here is the Full Video Interview:

Key Time Stamps:

  • [00:01:00] Challenges of hiring in-house or freelance video editors and how Edit Crew solves them.

  • [00:02:00] Growth of Edit Crew to a team of 73 and a low seven-figure run rate.

  • [00:03:00] Discussion on AI in video editing and its potential future impact.

  • [00:04:00] Current use of AI tools to enhance video editing processes.

  • [00:06:00] Key to growth: having a good offer and product-market fit.

  • [00:09:00] Shift to booking sales calls for better client qualification.

  • [00:14:00] Tech stack used for client payments and project feedback.

  • [00:17:00] Ben's journey towards hiring a CEO or president for Edit Crew.

  • [00:20:00] Ben's future role and potential exploration of new business ideas.

One Tweet

Built to Sell is the original (OG) book on productizing your service. I’ve been saying this for years. Just took people a while to catch on.

This was the catalyst for me when I productized my first Agency (Content Pros) back in 2012.

Took me re-reading that book 3 times to actually do it.

One Resource

This week, check out Frame.io, an incredible tool for video project collaboration, offering seamless integration and feedback options for editors and clients customers alike.

I used this a lot while building Applause Lab (my video testimonial agency) a few years back. If you play with video this is a great tool.

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