How to succeed in your next hire with Jake Jorgovan

How to succeed in your next hire with Jake Jorgovan

Key Timestamps:

[00:05:00] Top Hiring Mistakes - Learn about common pitfalls in the hiring process, such as attempting to clone yourself in a new hire, handing off sales too early, and the dangers of hiring without a clear role.

[00:09:00] Who to Actually Hire - Discover strategies for identifying which roles to fill next in your organization.

[00:15:00] Designing the Application Process - Gain insights into creating a "gauntlet" style application process to weed out unfit candidates and ensure applicants are truly interested and detail-oriented.

[00:21:00] Successful Interviewing Tactics - Learn effective interviewing techniques to assess candidates' written communication skills, cultural fit, and their potential to thrive in the role.

[00:33:00] Managing New Hires for Success - Understand the importance of a 90-day success plan for new hires, how to structure it, and the phases of integrating a new team member into your company successfully.


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  •, Upwork, Dynamite Jobs: Platforms for posting jobs and finding candidates.

  • PayPal, TransferWise, Square: Tools for managing payments to team members, especially in a remote or global team setup.


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