Stop selling to Clients

I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea of customers vs. clients.

Customers buy your products 👍️ 

Clients buy your time 👎️ 

What I haven’t talked a lot about is how much harder it is to sell to clients than it is to customers.

We want to make the selling process easy, natural, and frictionless.

We want to tap into buyer momentum.

Of course, you can brute force your way and sell to clients out of the gate. It happens all the time, but the natural momentum and buying process are altered.

Think about your funnel like this:

  1. Attract leads and show them you "know".
    Share valuable insights, demonstrate your expertise, and build trust through content marketing, social proof, and engaging educational materials.

  2. Nurture those leads into customers by selling the "What & How" via one-time assets.
    Once you've established credibility, focus on educating your leads about what you offer and how it solves their problems. This step converts leads into paying customers.

  3. Then sell access and time to those customers with recurring Done-With-You (DWY) and Done-For-You (DFY) productized offers.
    After your customers experience the value of your products, introduce premium services like consulting (DWY) or fully managed solutions (DFY). By this stage, they trust you and are more likely to invest in these higher-value offers.

Customers become more customers. 👌

This is the Productized Creator Model.

Keep stacking bricks 🧱


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